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Burn All The Bridges

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

One year ago today, I made a terrifying yet liberating decision.

I quit my JOB.

I left what had been my safety net.

I let go of my “plan B”.

I burned the bridge.

I had lived all of my life being cautious and calculated. I never risked too much. I always put my biggest desires on the back burner, because it was never the “right time”. I was always WAITING for SOMETHING to happen before I could FINALLY do/have/be what I wanted.

I was waiting for the “right” amount of savings.

I was waiting for the “perfect” financial opportunity.

I was waiting for a “convenient” time for everyone else.

I was waiting to feel confident it would all work out.

And that magic moment never came.

So, I decided to surrender to my DIVINE KNOWING. I surrendered to my life’s mission, that had been calling my name for YEARS. I surrendered to my INNER BOSS. I LET GO. I TRUSTED.

I had NO IDEA how it would all work out. Still don’t. I don’t have to. All I have to know is that I am being true to ME and that that is the RIGHT PATH FOR ME, NO MATTER WHAT.

I sat down and wrote out a list of all the “rules” that were holding me back from what I wanted. All the SHOULD’S and HAVE TO’S. Then, I BROKE THEM ALL.

I pulled out ALL the stops. I gave myself EVERYTHING I wanted in order to live my vision.

Breaking all of my own forbidden rules freed me to:

Quit my job

Rent the office of my dreams

Hire an assistant

Hire a $7,000 coach

I remember feeling the adrenaline. I remember feeling a surreal rush. I remember pinching myself and feeling like I was actually DOING something totally out of reach. I remember feeling terrified as I faced huge risks and possible failure.

And that was just the beginning. Because courage feeds more courage.

That was one year ago.

Since that moment,

I have launched my life changing program, Unapologetic.

I have touched HUNDREDS of women’s lives.

I have held women’s shaky hands and hearts as they free themselves from bondage.

I have written HUNDREDS of pages of keys to freedom.

I have launched and recorded almost 50 podcast episodes for Braveheart Conversations.

I have grown a support group with MASSIVE healing impact.

I have competed in two fitness competitions.

I have added 15 pounds of lean muscle and am STRONGER than I’ve ever been.


I have let service positions go.

I have closed the doors to one of my businesses.

I have ruthlessly cut projects that were stealing from my vision.

I have been BRAVE enough to let voices go when they conflicted with my mission, even if I had PAID them.

I have added THREE more professionals to my Goddess Team.

I have built TWO new courses and retreats.

That’s been ONE year.

And I am relentlessly continuing to learn and grow. The best is yet to come.

If your own prison of rules and should’s are holding you back, if you keep putting yourself on the back burner and waiting for something to change, STOP. Make the big changes TODAY. MOVE. Cut off the things that are dead and dying. Free yourself from the jobs and relationships that dim you and burden you and limit you.

The time to live your vision is NOW. The world needs you NOW. YOU need you NOW.


It does not serve ANYONE when you settle for anything other than YOUR best and YOUR vision/purpose.

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