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Your Moment is Right NOW

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

"Someday I’ll have time.”

“I just have to wait until he gets better.”

“His recovery is just around the corner. I can feel it.”

“I KNOW I just need to be patient.”

“Someday it will change.”

“My breakthrough is SO CLOSE.”

“As soon as I have xyz dollars, I can move forward.”

“As soon as I have xyz degree, I can do what I want.”

“Just a LITTLE longer.”

These are DESTRUCTIVE and SEDUCTIVE lies, keeping you STUCK.

The old identities and rules are REALLY GOOD at convincing you to wait just a LITTTLLLLEEE longer.

The most GAME CHANGING choices I have made in my life were the ones I got so FED UP I was willing to do WHATEVER IT TOOK, right NOW.


Stop believing the lie you are “so close”.

Activate the LOVER in you who is willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES for the Goddess within, RIGHT NOW. No matter what you have to let go of or choose to receive.

It’s time to stop waiting:

To live your dreams

To honor yourself

For permission to have your desires

Today is the day to drop “just a little longer”.

NOW, Love. Your moment is right now. <3

There is a whole beautiful life waiting for you, better than you could ever imagine. You will never get to experience it however, if you keep settling for what isn't working, bare minimums, and what isn't honoring you.

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