Your Negative Emotions Are Not Enemies

Updated: Dec 31

"I’ve found this secret to transmuting anger.” “I learned how to meditate and get rid of my resentment.” “I just choose not to think about anything negative.” “That book is just too heavy for me.” There are a million ways we avoid looking at our darkness. And we do a damn good job jabbing our noses in the air and righteously justifying our avoidance.

If it doesn’t feel good to think about and it feels a little scary to look at, it’s so easy to claim it’s “just too negative”. In the spirit of being peaceful, and positive, and zen, we justify keeping our shadows conveniently hidden.

What I have found is my negative emotions are my best friends. They are the indicator lights on my dashboard. They inform me when I am out of alignment or not honoring my values. If I am experiencing resentment, I get to look at honoring some boundaries. If I am experiencing hurt feelings, I get to look at using my voice to have my own back. If I am experiencing frustration, I get to look at what I am tolerating. If I am experiencing apathy and withdrawal, I get to see where I am playing too safe.