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When Does It Get Easier?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

When do I get to stop having these difficult conversations?

When will people stop trying to break into my life, creating chaos?

When will people stop assuming they’re entitled to me?

Does it ever get easier?


It does not get easier.

They don’t stop trying to get a piece of you.

In fact, the brighter you are, Goddess, the MORE they will WANT you.

The more clear you become about your vision and who/what you want in your life, the MORE you will find yourself setting boundaries and saying NO THANK YOU.

The HIGHER your standards are, the MORE you will find they demand your attention and full respect.

The more clear and outrageous your desires are, the more NO’S you will find yourself saying.

ONE YES will require a thousand NO’S.

The demand to rise to each NO will NOT stop, however your own difficulty saying it, WILL. ;-)

Practice makes perfect, Goddess.


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