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Masculine Energy is VALUABLE

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

"If you are too masculine, your partner’s masculinity will be shut down.”

“If you get too ambitious, your partner will feel emasculated.”

“If you get too successful, your partner will feel insecure.”

“If you are too assertive, your partner will become passive.”

“If you get too strong, your partner will feel weak.”

"That’s all too MASCULINE for a woman."

"The FEMINISTS have destroyed FEMININITY."

These are the warnings MANY women have reported to me they have consistently heard. Women are scared to grow too big. They are scared to expand to their potential, because they think men won’t be able to handle it.

This is just a spiritual way of saying “Don’t get too big for your britches. People might not like it. It might create waves. You might make your man feel bad...”

This is where the good girls and the Goddesses diverge.

The good girl says

“Yea, you’re right. I don’t want to lose my man. I don’t want him to feel intimidated or insecure or weak. I wouldn’t want to grow so big I make him feel like less of a man.”

The Goddess says

“I understand my brightness may cause discomfort for some. I understand my success may threaten some egos. I understand my strength may be intimidating for some. I understand my assertiveness may be perceived as outrageous. I understand my commitment to my own growth will either challenge people to rise up with me or will trigger intimidation and insecurities.

I understand I may outgrow some people.

I understand I may even outgrow my partner.

I understand my commitment to my growth may be confronting and challenging, and I wholeheartedly WELCOME this same level of challenge to grow and rise from those around me.

My commitment to myself, my growth, and my purpose on this planet is higher than any relationship, any fear of how I might be perceived, and any desire to manage others’ feelings.

The standard to be in my presence requires you to STEP UP or STEP OUT.”

Having your own masculine energy, Goddess, is not emasculating any King. Activate your Warrior unapologetically. It is SEXY. It is SEDUCTIVE. It is IRRESISTIBLE. Not for those committed to staying the SAME but for those committed to GROWTH.

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