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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I thought I could still meet my potential AND compromise just a little. I mean, it was only REASONABLE.

I was big enough to take a little criticism from others. Who doesn’t have a few haters?

I was strong enough to fill my schedule with a FEW things I didn’t love, right? Who was I to expect to be able to fill my time with ONLY things I was passionate about?

I was totally able to coexist with a partner who wasn’t aligned with my values, vision, or lifestyle. I could honor my commitment AND my values, right?

I was tough enough to work really hard and for long hours. One day, I would show everyone how I earned my success.

I could give my time, energy, and financial resources to help people out of tough situations. It’s just what kind people do.

I could work for less money than my skills work worth. Everybody does.

I could manage just fine with a small amount of money. It just wasn’t my time to succeed yet. Once I worked hard enough, I’d make the money I need.

I was a bitch to the whiny bitch voice in my head. She made so much sense. She was so REASONABLE.

At the end of the day, the small compromises had their cost - and it wasn’t small.

I did not have the time to accomplish my goals, because I was giving way too much away to things I was not aligned with.

I did not have the energy to live my passion, because I was allowing others’ dishonoring behavior to suck me dry.

I did not have the ability to see my power and worth, because I was not protecting my space from those who tore me down with their own woundedness.

I was too exhausted to feel clarity about my path, because I was allowing the noise around me to distort my intuition.

In order to live the passion, feel full of life, own your worth, and get super clear about the path you were meant to walk, you must become willing to let go of all the suffocating rules. All the “supposed to’s”. All the compromises.

You get to be unapologetic about living your life on your terms. You will let go of so much, but you will gain your LIFE.

AND, guess what? You will also create the most IMPACT in this world. You will BECOME a beacon of LOVE and LIGHT.


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