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You Free OTHERS When You Free YOURSELF

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

“How can I have money and success and peace, when so many I love are suffering?”

Do you know, this feeling of guilt ALONE has sabotaged and destroyed MILLIONS of peoples’ dreams. We stay stuck, because we have inappropriately linked SUFFERING with LOVE. Our old generational programming has convinced us we should choose to stay in suffering with those who are suffering and that it is a SELFISH BETRAYAL to pursue something better.

This has been a DESTRUCTIVE LIE. Not only to OURSELVES, but to our LOVED ONES.

My own programming kept me stuck here for a very long time. I couldn’t move on from someone who was wounded because that was SELFISH, so I stayed wounded with them. I couldn’t leave an abusive job because I would be ABANDONING other suffering coworkers and clients, so I stayed abused with them. I couldn’t require significant money for my services because I would be BETRAYING those who were poor, so I stayed poor with them. I couldn’t demand steep requirements to access my time, presence, effort, resources, or body, because that would be STUCK UP, so I made myself cheap and easy to use.

I was TERRIFIED of saying NO when someone wanted to access my resources, so I subconsciously just made sure I had very little to deny. It was always easier to say “I CAN’T” rather than “NO”.

So, how is it BETTER for others when I succeed?

When I am exhausted, abused, consumed, suffering, and poor, I literally have NOTHING to give ANYONE. I show up resentful, hurt, stressed, frustrated, and feeling sorry for myself.

When I have the COURAGE to WALK AWAY from abuse, dishonor, and suffering and when I have the COURAGE to say YES to boundaries, standards, and abundance, I have AN OVERFLOW to GIVE. I show up passionate, nourished, confident, peaceful, and powerful. I become an EMPOWERING LIGHT to others who dare to dream - who dare to want more.

Goddess, it is second nature to think you have to block good things in order to show allegiance to your loved ones. Your loved ones may likely even CONFIRM that belief.


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