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Celebrate Those Who Are REPULSED By You

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The other day, I informed someone my home was an alcohol free space and that he was not welcome to bring his beer inside. For a moment, he was stunned by my calm assertiveness. Then, he became condescending. “Some of us never heal from our wounds because we limit our exposure to them”, he sneered.

I resisted defending my standards and held quietly firm in my choice to honor the boundaries I had constructed for my home space.

For the rest of the night, I could feel his judgment and condemnation - mirroring the good girl voice that has haunted me my whole life.


Stuck up.



Goody two shoes.


Who does she think she is anyway?

But a part of me smiled the biggest smile.

The GODDESS in me leaned the fuck back and just smiled, secure in herself.

The GODDESS in me was PROUD AF to have her own back.

The GODDESS in me didn’t give a FUCK that he didn’t approve of my standards.

And as I sat there around the fire that night quietly observing, it hit me. I finally did it. I cracked the code. I am finally REPULSED and DETESTED by all the right people.

Because I firmly honor my boundaries, I REPEL those who don’t respect my standards or value me. They can’t fucking stand me. And there has never been a better cause for celebration.

Queen, CELEBRATE those who are REPULSED by you. Hold your standards unapologetically high and then watch them effortlessly lay out their true colors…

We too often avoid setting boundaries because we are afraid of others’ reactions. But WHAT IF those very reactions are our greatest indicators of who qualifies as a safe and trusted person in our inner circle?

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