I Celebrate Hearing NO

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I talk a lot about unapologetically identifying what you want and setting the standards required to be in your presence.

And, I have become pretty bold in declaring what I want, no matter how outrageous or inconvenient.

I know EXACTLY how I like my bed made.

I know EXACTLY how I like my coffee.

I know EXACTLY how I like my home organized and cleaned.

I know EXACTLY what kind of partner I require.

I know EXACTLY the requirements I hold to be in friendships.

I know EXACTLY what kind of coaches I like to hire.

I know EXACTLY what kind of criticism/feedback I am available for.

I know EXACTLY the message I’m here to share and who I’m sharing it with.

I know EXACTLY what kind of clients I choose to work with.

I have taken SO MUCH time to get to know myself, my preferences and desires, it irritates some people.

I have committed to myself SO COMPLETELY to dare to be INCONVENIENT and DISAPPOINTING if that is what is required to be TRUE TO MYSELF.


When someone ELSE informs me of THEIR requirements, THEIR preferences, THEIR desires, I am THRILLED.


It’s not a match for me.

See, sometimes, I get a “no”.

Sometimes, people aren’t a fit for me.

Sometimes, I get turned down.

Sometimes, people’s desires are NOT me.

Sometimes, people don’t feel inspired to hire me.

Sometimes, people don’t want to be my friend.

Sometimes, people don’t like my message.