MAKE A SCENE. It’s what you are here for.

Updated: Jan 1

"Why can’t I just be quieter?”

“Why can’t I just be less intense?”

“My laugh is so annoying.”

“My stretch marks are so ugly.”

“I wish I was less opinionated.”

“I wish I was more sassy.”

“My soft voice and gentle nature drive me crazy.”

“I can’t stand how emotional I am.”

“I wish I could show my excitement more.”

“Why do I crave affection so much?”

“Why can’t I just be more chill and relaxed?”

“Why can’t I just be good enough?”

“I’m disgusted with myself.”

The measuring stick we hold ourselves up to is INCREDIBLE.

“If you go searching for evidence you are not enough, you will always find it.” - Brene Brown

We have gotten so used to beating ourselves up for our personality traits, bodies, needs, and desires, we aren’t capable of shining the unique light we are meant to.

We have gotten too passive - listening too closely to all of the voices around us telling us to be something different.

Twist yourself into a tighter knot.

Cater to everyone else more.

Jump when they say jump.

If you could only be good enough, you’d finally have the love you long for.

You’d finally be liked.

People would finally buy your products.

You’d finally be successful.

So you apologize for your “shortcomings”. You try harder to follow instructions.

Here’s the truth, Love.