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Divine Relationships REQUIRE Self Loyalty

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

“You’re so extreme. Do you even believe in relationships working out?”

I love this opportunity to call out a BULLSHIT shadow story we’ve bought into. The story that says we can’t have standards AND great relationships. The story that says if we honor ourselves, we will be alone forever. The story that says having boundaries is UNREALISTIC.

The story that says if we clear our personal space of

the disrespectful,

the dishonoring,

the dishonest,

the draining,

the exhausting,

the bullying,

the manipulative,

the entitled,


Then we will be left with our freedom and independence in a house all alone.

Because this story says we must COMPROMISE in order to have relationships at all.



Actually, being true to yourself, your beliefs, your values, and your standards is THE BEST WAY to have healthy, loving and honoring relationships.

YES, this will ABSOLUTELY require you to let go of some relationships. BUT, this will free up space in your life for exactly the level of relationships you crave.

I guarantee you this… if you don’t hold to your own standards in your relationships and you continue to compromise for people who aren’t a fit for you, you WON’T ever have the healthy relationships you have always wanted. You will find your relationships full of continuous disappointment, resentment, deprivation, and energy drains. You will find yourself experiencing inner conflict about whether you should compromise, give in, tolerate, be patient, for another person a lot of the time. You will find yourself surrounded by people with one foot in, and one foot out. You yourself will struggle with doubt about your relationships.

I see a lot of people making a lot of noise about their standards. People are quick to tell me how they don’t put up with disrespect. The problem is, I see WAY more TALK about having standards than actually HAVING them.

Are you a bad ass woman who doesn’t allow people to shit on her and take advantage of her luscious energy and resourcefulness? Then LET GO of anything that does not match that truth.

No more talk girl. Talk is cheap.

You can have your boundaries and your standards and your requirements. Have them ALL and you will invite in the most DIVINE relationships. WHAT HONORS YOU, HONORS EVERYONE.

You’re a GODDESS. It’s time to OWN it

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