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I’m NOT sorry for BREAKING your RULES.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

“You’re so boring. Can’t you be more interesting?”

“Stop acting like a slut.”

“You never put out. How can you expect me to be loyal?”

“If you weren’t such a bitch, I wouldn’t have to respond the way I do.”

“You’re such a burden. Do you realize how much work I put in for you?”

“Anyone would drink if they were married to you.”

“You’re such a terrible mom. You’re destroying our kids.”

“You act like it’s hard to do a little cleaning and cooking. Stop complaining.”

“You have no sense of humor. Can’t you take a joke?”

“You’ve totally let yourself go.”

“You’re so spoiled. You have no right to want more.”

“You want a career? Am I not enough for you?”


For most of our lives, we have spent our time apologizing. Apologizing for not measuring up. Apologizing for not fitting into the box we were told to squeeze into. Apologizing for failing to create someone else’s happiness.

But today,


I’m NOT sorry for letting you down.

I’m NOT sorry for not fitting into your box.

I’m NOT sorry for BREAKING your RULES.

I’m NOT sorry for my own DESIRES.

I’m NOT sorry for my needs and expenses.

I’m NOT sorry for my parenting decisions.

I’m NOT sorry for the size and shape of my BODY.

I’m NOT sorry for DISAGREEING.

I’m NOT sorry I am unwilling to sacrifice myself anymore.

I’m NOT sorry for my interests and AMBITION.

I’m NOT sorry for WANTING MORE.

I’m NOT sorry DEMEANING COMMENTS aren’t funny to me.

I’m NOT sorry for VALUING my own LABOR.

I’m NOT sorry for how I choose to CARE FOR MYSELF.

I’m NOT sorry for requiring PERMISSION to access my body.

I’m NOT sorry for having REQUIREMENTS to be in my presence.

I’m NOT sorry for honoring my desire to say NO THANK YOU.

I’m NOT sorry for RESPECTING myself enough to let disrespectful people go.

I’m NOT sorry for remembering and reclaiming the RIGHT TO MYSELF.


Unapologetic - Break All The Fucking Rules

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