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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

"Your idealism is cute.” “Are you sure you should eat that pastry?” “You aren’t afraid your business won’t work out?” “You’re pretty brave… good luck.” “Bless your heart - reality will sink in someday.” “I hope it all works out for you. At least you have an education if it doesn’t.” “Are you sure you should move that fast?” “Men don’t like strong women like that.” “Don’t burn your bridges in case you need them later.” “You should be more careful.” The small digs. They seem so harmless. So innocent. They’re annoying, right? They mean well but man those comments sting… OR… ARE they so innocent? Well, I’ll leave the innocence part to someone else to figure out but I do know this: THESE ARE VAMPIRE COMMENTS. No matter how strong you are, these comments WILL poke holes in you. They will attempt to lure you into questioning yourself, your mission, and your intuition. They will sow seeds of self-doubt. They will subtly compromise your footing. And they will cost you TIME and ENERGY. It will COST you time and energy to get back up. It will COST you time and energy to get realigned. It will COST you time and energy to reclaim your passion about why you have made the decisions you have. It will COST you time and energy to realign with your intuition and inspiration. It took me years to figure out I don’t have to be available for those stealthy sniper attacks. Today, I am UNAVAILABLE for relationships that subtly undermine my own self-trust and decision making. I surround myself with people who are enthusiastic about my decisions and build up my trust in myself. I owe it to myself and to the world to protect my space, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Even if we have been friends a long time. Even if we are family. Even if we are coworkers. Even if it’s my boss. Even if It’s my partner. I am UNAVAILABLE for any comments or relationships questioning my intuition, decisions, and path. What expensive, soul sucking criticisms have you made yourself available for? What have you allowed to create doubt in your mission and purpose?

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