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What's Standing in the Way of Your High Standards

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If I hold high standards for those allowed in my space, that would mean...

“I’m being a bitch.”

“I’m selfish.”

“I’m being high maintenance.”

“I’m being entitled.”

“I’m being inconvenient.”

Your NICE GIRL identity is HIJACKING your ability to create the boundaries and standards necessary to love and respect yourself. Ironically, these same boundaries and standards are also most loving to your loved ones as well.

Visualize a Queen - a GODDESS. She’s on her throne. She’s regal. She’s fierce and stunning and radiant. She commands the HIGHEST respect. She has STANDARDS.

Does she fear being perceived as a bitch?

Does she fear others might not think she’s nice?

Is she afraid her standards might mean she’s selfish?

Is she afraid her standards might be inconvenient?


She’s not afraid to dismiss anyone from her presence who shows a hint of disrespect, dishonor, or malice.

Does this mean she isn’t kind and caring and compassionate?


She is a stunningly compassionate and caring leader - she just respects herself enough to not have two seconds to entertain bullshit.

If you want to activate your inner GODDESS, you’re going to have to give up your NICE GIRL identity. You’re going to have to confront your fears about how your standards will be perceived.

Your love is unconditional but your presence is not. What are the requirements to access you?

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